Exception Handling - A Primer

Proper exception handling with applications is a critical and often misunderstood concept for many developers. In the Java world, I personally think the Eclipse IDE has done its utmost to propagate bad practice by generating the following when surrounding your method with a try catch block:

try {
} catch (Exception
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Back to Basics Series

Having worked with a number of developers in the past, I've noticed that a fair number are still making basic software engineering mistakes.

I think this is in part due to further education institutions focussing too heavily on the underlying principles of computing and ignoring the skills that a developer

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CsQuery to the Rescue

Each time I need to extract or modify a piece of html, I'm amazed by the speed and simplicity which which CsQuery allows me to do it.

It's a breath of fresh air over the other two options I've used in the past, namely regular expressions (which start getting ever

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